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Live Chat Outsourcing

Full Service Customer Support

Live customer service agent support across multiple platforms your customers use. All fully trained in answering incoming quires from your website, email and social platforms just the way you would.

Start supporting your customers today 

Start Supporting

Your Customers


Start Supporting

Your Customers


Professional and Friendly customer support agents promoting your products, services, and brand online

Our Live Chat Agents can manage your live chat 16hrs per day

Surprise your customers with super-fast replies to queries

Capture every website visitors attention with engaging welcome messages from our agents

We create a knowledge base that is accessible to you and our agents to add, update, and search the latest company information.

All our agents have at least 2 years of customer support experience

Our agents are fully trained to answer customer enquires just the way you would.

Our agents forward any leads or key information to you directly when the chat ends.

We give you access to all the latest chat statistics through your own interactive client dashboard system. Giving our clients the power to make decisions fast.

How We Can Help

Having Live chat support customer agents engaging and helping customers across your website, email, messenger, and more instils confidence that your customers know you are there when they need you.

More Engagement

Using features like event-based message popups and having trained friendly customer services agents ready to answer your visitor’s questions, are just some of the ways we help engage our client’s customers. Consumers today expect to have answers to their questions fast, service issues to be dealt with promptly, and direct access to sales agents to help them with buying decisions. Our customer support agents help to solve any customer problems, capture more leads, and improve sales statistics with more friendly engaging conversations that delight’s customers.

Represent Your Brand

Building credibility with your potential customers is vital for all companies to strive and grow in this modern economic world. Our customer support agents are extensively trained in our client’s brand knowledge, industry-specific knowledge, product/service knowledge and target audience research to determine how best to serve our client’s customers. Armed with this set of skills, our customer support agents know how to capture new leads, nurture current customers, and take care of high valued customers in line with how our clients want us to represent their brand.

Better Relationships

Impress your customers with a more personalised customer support experience that is tailor-made around the way they like to be taken care of. When a customer offline visits their regular shop, in an ideal world the doorman will welcome them by name, the staff will remember just how they like to be treated, and the items personalised just to they regularly like it. With the rise of modern technology, we can now offer this level of customer service support to our client’s customers through CRM data, website personalisation software and friendly customer support agents who know exactly how to get it right.

Creating More Sales

Most website/shop visitors leave without every making a purchase or having any sort of engagement with the brand. Taking care of each segment of visitors in the way they need is crucial to improving sales conversion rates. Our customer support staff are trained to deal with different customer types to ensure that they deal with each customer segment in the most beneficial way. We work alongside our clients using the information they provide to create sales roadmaps that our agents follow to get the maximum amount of sales. This could be discount coupons, extend warranties, upsells, cross-sells of related items, client information kits, reward points and more.

How It Works

Our customer support agents are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. We can work around your current customer support setup to provide multi-channel support in the way you need.

Evaluation Stage

At the start, we evaluate your current customer support se-up to see how we become a valued asset around that.


Information Stage

At this point, we collect all the documents, training materials, passwords and everything we need to get prepare for agent training.

Setup stage

Once we have everything we need our technical team gets to work on creating knowledge bases, training videos and more to train our agents.

Agent training

Choosing the best agents to represent your brand and training them to the highest of standards, based on your customer support strategy is what we do at this stage.

Testing stage

Once everything is set up, we run a test on the software, integrations, live chat test runs with agents and more to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Final approval

In this final stage, we ensure that everything is to the client’s approval and set a start a launch to start our services.

Chatconnect is packed full of the features needed to serve your customers the way they choose.


Multi channel support

Our agent supports your customers whatever channel they use. Be that social media, Email or apps, our live chat agents are ready.

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Our agents can manage one or multiple email addresses for our clients by simply forwarding all emails to one intuitive inboxed packed with features for customer support teams. This inbox can be solely managed by our live chat agents or they can work hand in hand alongside our client’s customer service team.

Social Media

At present, our live chat agents can manage incoming live chats from Facebook messenger and Twitter. With consumers ever more using widely using social media to interact with their favourite brands, it is imperative that today’s businesses are available to provide support on the social media accounts they are using.


Our agents can handle live chats coming from websites, landing pages and sales funnel pages via the live chat widget.


Our team of live chat agents can manage live chats directly from any custom developed company app or from popular messenger apps like LINE and Slack.

Interactive Chat Bots

Create the customer support your customers really deserve with instant answers to the most common questions. Saving your live chat agents time to focus on more important requests.

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Create an unlimited amount of chatbots that takes your customer support to the next level.

Types of chatbots you can create

  • Out of hours chatbot to answer live chat when you’re unavailable
  • General customer service chatbot that can answer the most frequently asked questions and continually learn new questions to answer.
  • Downloadable content chatbot that can provide your website visitors with documents, videos and another downloadable content dependant on the options they choose.
  • Quick quote chatbotthat can give an instant estimated quote based upon the client’s order requirements for your service or products

Plus much more depending on the client’s customers needs. Our team will create these chatbots for you during the training and setup phrase. Our clients can also log in at any time to their dashboard and create their own chatbot with the drag and drop chatbot creator interface.


Canned responses

Save time by creating premade detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions by website visitors. These canned responses can be used by your or our agents at any time.

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These canned responses can include videos, files, documents and other media types to give the best possible answers fast to website visitors.

Website visitor browsing

Our live chat agents can co-browse with our client’s website visitors with a click of a button. Enabling them to see any problems live they have live to guide them to the solution.

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Does your shop visitor need help with finding a product?. Or maybe there is an error on your website that a visitor notified you about?. With the website live browser window, you can see live what your visitor sees, enabling customer support agents to guide and following them along.

Agents are also able to see live stats on which page the visitor as visited and other CRM profile data such as email, name, how much they have spent in store and custom tags.

Live website visitor analytics map

Clients have access to a live website visitor analytics map which shows how many website visitors are currently on their website/shop, which pages they are currently browsing, which country they are from and much more key information.

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Visually seeing live statistics is the most valuable asset a customer service department can have. Our clients and live agents can see live who is currently browsing their website/shop and once an agent clicks on one of the white lights, they are able to see all the CRM data collected to see exactly who they are and where on the website/shop they are currently browsing.

All this data is then transferred to a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly data report available anytime to view and download.

Automated email campaigns

Engage, onboard and retarget all your customers with our email marketing autoresponder. Built to work alongside your existing autoresponder or to provide a sole email marketing solution to have real-time website visitor/customer engagement.

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Engage:  Create email campaigns that engage new website visitors specific to which product they view, how much they spend and more dependent on which tags/variables you choose. Create a more personal interaction with your website visitors and engage them just how they would like to engage in a real-life face to face interaction.

Onboard: Maybe you have different onboarding scenarios you follow for each of your product and services. With our email campaigns, you can onboard clients with ease, creating an experience tailor-made for their training, learning and support needs.

Retarget: With retargeting event based tags you can retarget customers who took a certain action, be that a customer who didn’t purchase at the check-out page, those that did purchase a particular product and more.

Client Dashboard

Our clients get access to the data they need fast through their own client dashboard which is just a click away with our client dashboard app.

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Not only do our clients get access to the main chat dashboard which displays the number of chats and other key data, our development team can also connect to their other apps as well for a small monthly fee!. This means all our clients can see the key data from their customer support team, accounting team, human resources department, marketing department and so more with unlimited dashboards created by our development team all easily accessible with the swipe of a finger.

some of the apps we can connect to and create dashboards for:

  • Activecampaign
  • Getresponce
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Constant contact
  • Icontact
  • Campaign Response
  • Infusionsoft
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Adsense
  • Gmail by Google
  • Googlesheets
  • Google Trends
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google+
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Itunes
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Recurly
  • Quickbooks
  • Freshbooks
  • Xero
  • Paywhirl
  • Pingdom
  • Quantcast
  • Shopify
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Salesforce
  • Everbright
  • Zendesk
  • Basecamp
  • Mysql
  • CSV

Plus much more with an ever-growing list of dashboard integrations. We are also able on request to integrate custom apps, databases and CRM’s for a small development fee.

Searchable knowledge bases

Our clients get access to a company branded knowledge base page that their customers can use to find answers, manuals and more.

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This knowledge base is easily accessible from the client’s account and can be edited to include files, videos, voice recordings and much more depending on the client’s customers needs.

Not only is this knowledge base accessible as a webpage but also website visitors can access this knowledge base through the live chat widget buttons on the website. This way website visitors can get answers to their questions fast without needing to speak with a live chat agent if not required.

Our clients also get access to the backend knowledge base, in which our live chat agents can learn all about any new information needed to carry out the best customer service experience possible. This knowledge base is accessible to clients so they can add, amend and delete any information ready for their or our customer support agents.

Audio and video messages

Sometimes answering a clients question or solving a clients problems needs a more hand on approach. This is where audio and video messages come in to offer a truly interactive support system.

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Our client’s customer support agents can answer their customer’s questions through live video or audio chat with a click of a button. Though our live chat agents only provide text support currently, when working alongside our client’s customer service team our agents can simply route the chat to the relevant agent for face to face chat instantly.

Customer relationship management software

Integrate the CRM your company currently uses to import and export new data on current customers with a click of a button.

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Our CRM integrations mean all customer support agents can see exactly who they are speaking to and how to respond to a new visitor, returning customers and a regular priority buyer who deserves a more personal level of service.

Our systems allow our clients to manage, edit and export all your users and leads information to and from their CRM of choice. From conversations, social networks, company information, phone number, client tags, everything is in one place.

Live profiles appear when customer support agents chat with website users, allowing agents to see all the key data they need to make decisive decisions on how to respond best.

Our system collects contextual and event-based information when you talk to your customers and allows to retarget clients to create drip email Campaigns targeting those specific group of users.

Our integrations include:

  • Zendesk
  • Sales Force
  • Shopify
  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho
  • Zapier (Can link to any other CRM through Zapier)

Internal customer database

Search for customers data easy by using the internal customer database search bar.

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Need to find a particular group of clients or an individual customer?. Our internal database stores all data collected from CRM’s, past interactions and custom entered data about individuals or groups. Simply use the search bar and enter either a name, variable or custom tag you have created.

For example, you create a tag for regular buyers of a particular service and type that tag into the search bar to find all that group of buyers to target for your marketing campaigns.

Event based Tags

Creating tags that can be applied to website visitors and customers has never been easier with our tagging system. Now you can tag clients with all sorts of variables and create groups of customers to engage, retarget and market to later.

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Tag/variable types

  • New customers
  • Returning customers
  • customers that purchased a certain product/service
  • High-value clients that purchased over a certain amount.
  • Customers that are old ones who have been retargeted with a recent marketing campaign
  • Customers tags based upon what they like and don’t like personally. This can be used for a more personalised engagement.
  • Customers that have left a bad review and ones that have left a good one
  • Customers that had a good or bad experience last time with your product or service

All this tagged data is exportable to your current CRM.

The possibilities are endless and will depend on your current customer support structure. If you don’t have one, we can create one for you, so our live support agents can better take care of your customer.

Live chat translation

Our live chat becomes international with our live agents responding to different incoming world languages with a live inbuilt language translator. So our clients and live support can receive a message in French and Respond in English.

Multichannel live customer support benefits all business types


IT companies

Education companies

Building companies

Care Companies


Car Dealers

Advertisement agencies

Law firms

Residential cleaning



Removal services

Landscaping companies



Estate Agency

Saas Companies



Live chat support packages

Our packages are designed to help small businesses get started supporting their customers online and help bigger businesses grow faster with advanced customer support features, tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual business.


below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from new clients

What is multi-channel customer support?

Multichannel customer support works across different customer support mediums such as standard email, Live website chat widgets, social media channels and chat applications.

All channels are integrated together in an easy to use dashboard for our clients and chat support agents to use. Not only saving time but making to respond to customer support queries faster by having everything in one place.

We offer our clients the choice of choosing which channels they would like us to support. We can just support Live website chat for example and add other channels can be added when needed.

What three support channels are included?

All our channel support included one website, one email address and one social media messenger channel. However, all clients are different and we can support any of the listed channels needed.

How can i monitor you customer support operations?

All our clients have their own account login to access all current customer support operations for their company channels and see live data. statistics.

What customer support channels can you integrate with?

At this point in time, we can integrate with the following chat mediums:

  • Zendesk
  • LINE app
  • Slack
  • Shopify
  • Email
  • Twitter DM
  • Facebook messenger
  • Website Live Chat Widget

We are constantly integrating with more chat applications so our clients can chat with their customers in the everyday applications they use.

Are your customer support agents experienced?

All our customer support agents have at least 2 years minimum experience in the customer service industry and show a range of support skills. We test our agents for their English skills, typing speed, customer service knowledge, empathy and more to ensure that they are fit to represent our clients brand.

How do we keep your agents informed of new product/service/company information?

All our clients have access to knowledge bases in which both our agents and clients can add, edit and update company information. This knowledge base is accessible through the client account login.

Can my own customer support agent use this also?

Yes, all our clients and their staff can have unlimited accounts at no extra charge. This means that our client’s staff can work alongside our customer support agents if needed.

what are shared and dedicated customer support agents?

Shared customer support agents work across different businesses and dedicated support agents work for your business only. We offer this type of service to keep costs down for businesses so that our services are more accessible to smaller business that cannot afford their own dedicated team.

Can you integrate customer data with our CRM?

We currently can integrate with the following customer relationship management software:

  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • Zendesk
  • Zaiper (To integrate with other popular CRM’s)

How do you train your agents to support my brand?

All our agents are trained from the knowledge base, documents, recorded training sessions and other training materials provided by our clients. We then use these training materials to train our support agents for a minimum of 1 week or more depending on the client’s needs.

Are you expensive?

We pride ourselves on offering industry best prices for the services we provide. Most businesses don’t have access to their own customer support team and those that do usually can only offer standard office hours Monday To Friday support.

The average customer support agent wage in the UK £1,600 per month for one staff member covering just 8 hours, not including taxes, pensions, training time, holidays, sick leave, software costs and more.

Our services offer customer support at a fraction of the price and include chat software, statistic dashboards, chatbots and more. Our services can be used alongside your current team and all training is provided so that your team can manage all customer support in one space.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

More Engagement

Our proactive message pop-ups engage your website visitors, encouraging them to reach out to us or take a certain call to action. Thus increasing more conversations.

Real-time reporting

See the power of live reporting from your own interactive dashboard which displays visitors on your web pages. See who they are, where they come from and if they are returning or new customers.

Excellent customer service

Our agents are ready and waiting to engage your visitors to answer their questions, guide them in buying decisions, and personally welcoming them back, increasing your conversation rates.

Start your free trial

Start supporting your customers today with Chatconnect for 7 days free trial. During this trial period, we will assess how much traffic you receive and the average needs of your visitors so we can create a long-term chat support package that best suits your needs.

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